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Listen below to the self-entitled EP "Be from the World," where musical boundaries dissolve and cultural influences converge. This eclectic journey unfolds through three tracks: "Je ne suis pas Dieu," a Latin-vibe tune with French lyrics showcasing BFTW's lyrical prowess and the quest for identity; "Pena," a captivating blend of Portuguese and English delving into the personal journey; and "Sun Smile to Me," a heartfelt reggae tribute to life's simple joys. "Be from the World" transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, embodying a belief in a more united world. Join the celebration of diversity, cultural exchange, and the heartbeat of humanity with #BeFromTheWorldEP.

Barnabé Freixo (Paris, 1974), whose stage name is "Be from the World", is a multifaceted musician and visual artist with a journey rich in experiences and influences. His biography is a testimony to his passion for music, artistic exploration and a deep commitment to crucial social issues.
Barnabé had his first musical experience at the age of 8 in the metro stations of Paris, playing percussion while his stepfather played guitar. These moments determined his lasting passion for music and the start of his musical training. At a young age, in the same city, he had the privilege of accompanying his mum to concerts by legends, including the Rolling Stones and Neil Young in 1983, who inspired him deeply.
In London, where he lived for 27 years (1990-2017), Barnabé took part in various musical projects, including the hip-hop project "Legalize", a model of which aired on José Mariño's radio programme "Repto" on Antena 3 in 1996. This project included several performances in London from 1996 to 1998.

In 2004, he created "The Bellagios", an eclectic band that fused Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock and World Music, comprising eight members of different nationalities. The band gained notoriety when they won the "2005 Glastonbury Unsigned Bands" competition, whose jury included the legendary founder of the festival, Michael Eavis. Barnabé was, to date, the first Portuguese artist to play at this prestigious festival.


"The Bellagios" played actively until 2010 at various venues in the UK, including concerts at the Jazz Café, Marquee and 100Club, among others. Between 2006 and 2009, "The Bellagios" were signed to the IRL label and managed by the label's founder, David Jaymes (Modern Romance).

At the same time, his musical journey also led him to collaborate with notable artists in the industry, such as soul legend "Omar", Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots), ITCH (King Blues) and Martin Virgo (Mono). 

In 2009, Barnabé expanded his artistic horizons, exploring other forms of expression and developing work in video and photography. He has made several music videos, including a collaboration with the Brazilian hip-hop group Dragões de Komodo, filmed in São Paulo and shown on MTV Brasil (Brazil 2012).
"The Last Supper", one of the short films he directed and edited, won awards at short film festivals in Italy and the UK (2012).

Barnabé has a particular interest in documentary photography, where he seeks to convey his concern about important social problems, such as the difficult access to basic education in developing countries, among other issues of today's society.

His solo photographic exhibition entitled "Nona Vivi", which documents his travels to Guinea-Bissau between 2015/16, was exhibited at the MUSA Museum in Sintra and the National Palace of Mafra. Both exhibitions were curated by the Portuguese NGO "Única Mixing Cultures" (2018/19). In London (2012), at the Vyner Studio Gallery, she participated in a group exhibition called Behold and Believe with some photographic works and art installations.

In 2017, he returned to Portugal and continued his musical work as a musician, producer and DJ(under COIXI).


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