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"Just Need to Know,"feat Senhora do Ó and  "All I ever wanted" feat RØSA are both available on all streaming platforms. This enchanting track takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. 


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Emerging from the shadows of an undisclosed location, COIXI arrived on the scene like a musical ninja, ready to drop beats and mysteries in equal measure.
He embarked on his musical journey in the vibrant city of London, forming the iconic duo "Coixi & Crackabeats." Legend has it that their beats were so powerful that they shook both speakers and the space-time continuum at London squat parties.

His journey didn't stop there. He partnered with another musician to start the electrifying duo Stoned Crumbs. 
He mysteriously disappeared from the scene for a period, leaving fans wondering. Some speculate he was solving musical riddles in a hidden lair, while others believe he was refining his secret beat-making formula.
COIXI has returned with a renewed passion, armed with a vengeance and a killer playlist. Brace yourselves, music enthusiasts!

Though he hasn't graced the grand stages of major festivals, COIXI has garnered a dedicated following, proving that even in the shadows, greatness shines.
His music resonates with the force of a thousand beats. Dive into the enigmatic world of COIXI and let his melodies guide you on a journey of musical discovery!
Don't be fooled by the mystery; COIXI is a musical force to be reckoned with. 

Catch his act before he disappears into the musical ether once more! 

#COIXI #BeatsAndMysteries

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COIXI - Minimax
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COIXI - Minimax

COIXI - Minimax

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COIXI - B.I.T.H. (Official video)

COIXI - B.I.T.H. (Official video)

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COIXI feat. Radio Violeta - Hard Cold Fact (Official video)

COIXI feat. Radio Violeta - Hard Cold Fact (Official video)

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