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The Bellagios

Step into the vibrant world of The Bellagios, a band fueled by undeniable talent and a relentless drive to create captivating music. 

Their story is one of triumph and resilience, reminiscent of the drama-filled yet electrifying atmosphere portrayed in the iconic 1991 musical film, "The Commitments."

With a knack for delivering unforgettable live performances, The Bellagios emerged as the winners of the prestigious Glastonbury unsigned competition in 2005, solidifying their place among the UK's most promising musical acts.

However, their journey began with a serendipitous encounter at the Wendy House Studios in Chelsea. While laying down vocals on a track produced by Terry for Marshmellow Mike, Terry and Freakshow found themselves gravitating towards each other's energy. Little did they know that fateful collaboration would birth a Bellagios classic and their only official music video.

The band's inception was an informal affair, sparked by Freakshow's persistent determination. After exchanging numbers with Terry that night, Freakshow expressed his desire to record more tracks. This deepened the friendship between Freakshow and Terry, as they shared dreams of forming a band. The Freakshow, however, couldn't fathom embarking on this musical journey without his trusted crew.

Joined by LNPiet, an original member of WWC, and MastaD, a talented rapper/singer Freakshow encountered in an unlikely setting - a London nightclub restroom - where they bonded over their shared French language and spontaneous freestyle sessions. Completing the lineup was True Gem, a remarkable singer whose vocal prowess elevated the band's sonic tapestry.

The Bellagios embarked on an extraordinary three-year journey with this remarkable lineup intact. Their undeniable chemistry and sheer musical brilliance captivated audiences across various stages, culminating in their triumph at the renowned Glastonbury unsigned competition in 2005.

However, as fate would have it, the band experienced a significant transition in late 2006 when LNPiet and Freakshow parted ways with Terry and the rest of the band, marking the beginning of a new era for The Bellagios. They emerged with a rawer sound, shedding funk influences but maintaining an unbridled passion for their craft.


The Bellagios embarked on their creative voyage with their eclectic lineup and unmistakable energy, culminating in releasing their debut (unfinished) album, "It's Not My Fault." IRL Records made This artistic endeavour possible, with heartfelt gratitude to David Jaymes for his unwavering belief in their talent.

With Freakshow and LNPiet leading the charge on rap and vocals, supported by the mesmerizing vocals of Chemini and Sygma, the infectious guitar melodies of Catalogue Boy, the grooving bass lines of GLB, the dynamic drumming of Mista Shifta, and the captivating MPC and guitar work of Dented Audio, "It's Not My Fault" stands as a testament to The Bellagios' musical prowess.

Listen to The Bellagios and their audacious musical journey as they infuse their unique blend of genres, captivating music, and raw energy into every track. 

Prepare to be swept away by their unrivalled passion and undeniable talent.

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