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Prince K Roo

An Exploration of Prince K Roo's Mysterious Soundscapes

Prepare to delve into the enigmatic World of Prince K Roo as we unveil his captivating Album, "Mind of the Enigma." This collection of tracks showcases the unconventional talent and unique creativity of an artist whose identity remains mysterious.

The story begins when Barnabe (Freakshow) stumbled upon Prince K Roo in the bustling streets of London. Armed with nothing but a stick and a shovel, Prince K Roo mesmerized people with his mesmerizing backward songs (check out track number 03, "Dishitipining").

Hailing from Irii Suu in Kyrgyzstan, Prince K Roo immediately caught Barnabe's attention. Intrigued by this peculiar figure, Barnabe approached Prince K Roo, proposing a recording session at WWC studio in Hackney. It was a unique opportunity, as Prince K Roo was not used to studios or the trappings of modern life.

After an insightful conversation on the banks of the river Thames, delving into topics of life, sound, and even the national sport of Kyrgyzstan, Dead Goat Polo, Barnabe embarked on a decade-long journey with Prince K Roo. The recording process was challenging due to Prince K Roo's lack of technology and stable residence, akin to the reclusive composer and poet Moondog.

Beyond the album tracks, Barnabe managed to orchestrate a collaboration between Prince K Roo and Aristazabal from the now-defunct band, the Guillemots. This unexpected alliance added an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to Prince K Roo's sonic tapestry.

However, fate took an unexpected turn as Prince K Roo vanished without a trace. Barnabe, left without knowing of Prince K Roo's actual name or meaning, now yearns to travel to Irii Suu in Kyrgyzstan in search of the elusive artist.

In "Mind of the Enigma," you are invited to unravel the inner workings of Prince K Roo's mind. Embrace the randomness, embrace the mystery, and let the music guide you into uncharted territories.

Enjoy this mesmerizing Album and immerse yourself in the universe of Prince K Roo and let the melodies and textures take you on a journey that defies explanation. Welcome to the mysterious realm of the "Mind of the Enigma."


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